SumTotal Talent Acquisition

Complete Talent Acquisition Solution

SumTotal’s Complete Talent Acquisition Solution streamlines the hiring life cycle from talent needs assessment, requisition creation and sourcing, to candidate selection and onboarding. SumTotal’s solution combines easy-to-use tools for candidates, employees and managers with a powerful and streamlined administrative experience for recruiters and human resources.

Recruiting Highlights

  • Social Recruiting allows one-click job sharing across social networks. Integrate with major social networking sites to ensure the broadest reach for your employment brand and job postings, as well as deliver a strong brand experience for candidates.

  • Communication Management Tools allow customers to centralize, brand and automate recruitment communications.

  • Mobile Optimization allows candidates to apply from their phone and upload resumes from Google Drive™, Dropbox or social media profiles such as LinkedIn.

  • Passive Candidate Management provides an easy way to build pre-hire talent pools and engage candidates that may not yet be actively searching for their next career opportunity.

  • Configurable Offer Letter Templates allow customers to configure the compensation components of an offer and prepopulate PDF Offer Letters.

  • Configurable Assessments allow customers to configure job applications and candidate assessments.

  • Team-based Interview Scheduling allows customers to schedule candidate interviews by team or individually as needed.

  • Configurable Recruiting Workflows allow customers to define candidate pipeline phases as well as available actions by role.

  • Career Sites: A mobile first candidate experience- operates the same on a phone browser, mobile app, and desktop or tablet. Candidates can import or upload their resume from online profiles like Indeed or cloud-based storage into the user-friendly resume and profile tracker.

  • Get Matched: Get matched makes it easier for candidates to find the perfect job for them. The Get Matched function analyzes the candidates resume and suggests jobs that match their qualifications and needs.

  • Improved Candidate Experience: Candidates can search for jobs by keyword, location, job category and more with responsive search filters. Highly transparent process – candidates can view job related activities and act on messages, updates, tasks or interview scheduling requests.

  • Interview Manager: Build pre-defined interview teams and interview kits for highly automated and more compliant interview processes. Hiring managers and recruiters can easily track candidate interview status, feedback and interview team communications. Scheduling is further streamlined with Outlook calendar integration.

  • Unified Requisition and Candidate Workspace: The Requisition Workspace enables hiring managers and recruiters to view the requisition status, manage/disposition candidates and track activities. The Candidate Workspace allows users to search for, manage, and communicate with candidates; view information including applications & resumes, activities, communication history and feedback; and assign candidates to talent pools or add to requisitions.

  • Enhanced Recruiting Tools: Customizable requisitions allows recruiters and hiring managers to outline or standardize all the requirements and details of open positions and post them to internal and external SumTotal job boards. Improved job offers approvals, notifications, and templates allow for automatic insertion of candidate data, special clauses, offer information, and automatic messages and alerts to candidates and hiring team members. These enhancements ensure that organizations bring on the best new hires.

  • Out-of-the-box reports and dashboard widgets: Reports and dashboard widgets includes critical business metrics to drive candidate pipeline, requisition aging, time to hire and interview effectiveness.

  • Smartphone-optimized workflows: Makes it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to find and hire the right candidates.

  • Engaging Career Site provides candidates with a streamlined sign up and apply process, including the ability to create a resume from scratch.

  • Mobile Recruiter Tools: Recruiters can access candidate and requisition details including resumes and assessments, offer and requisition approvals, and interviewer feedback. Based on permissions, anyone can have the ability to view relevant candidate or requisition information and be provided the options to take approval actions, make comments, or fill out assessments.

Onboarding Highlights

  • New Hire Onboarding Portal immerses new hires into corporate policies and cultures before Day 1 by surfacing everything in one, actionable place.

  • Engage Employees by introducing them to their team with a dynamic org chart and access to public employee profiles as well as the ability to connect with mentors.

  • Extend SumTotal Learn by leveraging the organically developed Onboarding solution that seamless delivers new hire training from SumTotal Learn with full compliance and exception tracking and reporting, even before Day 1.

  • Forms Library provides the ability to distribute new hire documents and forms as part of the onboarding workflow

  • Develop Employees by including career planning tools as part of the onboarding workflow including our unique Job Fit Analysis and prescribed development planning tools.

  • Jumpstart Talentmanagement by providing access to goals and compensation as part of the onboarding process.

  • Asset Library allows customers without their own 3rd party asset management library to leverage Onboarding database for tracking assignments of company equipment including ID Badges, Phones and IT equipment.

  • Customer Configurability allows customers to create unique workflows, branding, actions and email notifications to match their specific onboarding processes.

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