Healthcare organizations face multiple challenges, like never before – from balancing the need to control staffing costs while still delivering high-quality care and services, to managing a unique set of healthcare compliance requirements that include federal and state laws and regulations. Folglich gelten für Gesundheitsdienstleister komplexe Anforderungen an die Organisation ihrer Mitarbeiter, an das Weiterbildungsangebot und an die Berichterstattung. In a rapidly expanding industry with high turnover rates in key roles, healthcare organizations need to focus on employee engagement, satisfaction, and development to help retain their people and develop the next generation of leaders.

The Healthcare Organization of the 21st Century needs a responsive and motivated workforce in order to stay competitive. Today, SumTotal helps hundreds of the world’s leading healthcare organizations stay up to date on required skills, certifications, competency and performance to increase patient satisfaction, increase their employee retention rate, effectively develop their people, and meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Unsere Lösungen sind überall verfügbar, ob in der Cloud oder vor Ort im Unternehmen. Unseren Support bieten wir in zahlreichen Sprachen und über 160 Ländern.

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