Customer Case Study


Health Care System uses Workforce Management to Power Savings and Efficiencies

This US-based health insurer serves nearly 3 million customers with its PPO, EPO and HMO health plans.

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Business Challenges
  • Improve efficiency of time and attendance management
  • Eliminate cumbersome manual processes
  • Accurately execute and track union-dictated hourly rounding rules
  • Access centralized system from time clocks and computers via web card
  • Deployed SumTotal Work: Time & Attendance solution
  • Created easy-to-use, scalable and maintainable time-and-attendance program
  • 93% savings per transaction created by streamlining process for requesting time off
  • Maintains an exact, consistent time and attendance program that meets both organization and union requirements
  • Time saved frees up HR staff to focus on strategic projects
  • Shifts accountability for time and attendance management from HR to individual departments and those approving time cards and time off
  • Staff tracks questions to create proactive training for improvement


Industry: Gesundheitsprogramme

Region: USA

Deployed Applications: SumTotal Work: Time and Attendance

Employees: 2,250


Providing quality health care coverage and administrative services to millions of people is the mission of one of SumTotal's US-based customers. With employees in claims, customer service, pharmacy, dental, medical and clinical roles, this health care system required an efficient, automated process to manage time and attendance for a variety of employee groups.

One segment of the employees needed to be able to punch a time clock, while others needed to access a virtual timeand- attendance card using a computer. In addition to the various roles of employees, 40% of employees are union members so the time-and-attendance rules determined by the unions added an additional layer of complexity.


The company's solution was to implement SumTotal Work: Time & Attendance and integrate it with its other HRIS systems. SumTotal's solution provides a centralized, easy to use, automated process for tracking and measuring time and attendance processes. It serves the company's 2,250 employees who are either punching a time clock or using a virtual web card and their computers. There are also 250 time keepers who approve time cards through the system.

It was important for the company to maintain an exact, consistent time-and-attendance program that complies with organization and union requirements. Using SumTotal's solution, the organization has shifted accountability for time-and-attendance management from HR to individual departments and those approving time cards and time off. Now these time keepers, HR and finance can easily access reports featuring the absence, regular time, overtime and payroll data they need.


The health care system has seen many benefits since moving to SumTotal Work: Time & Attendance. Previously, the HR department was manually tracking time off requests, averaging 1,000 transactions a month. Now that HR has automated that process, the healthcare company estimates it has saved 93% of its previous transaction costs. Also, since individual departments and time keepers are responsible for time-and-attendance now, HR staff has been relieved of these manual processes, allowing the company to redirect their talents to more strategic projects.

In another example of strategic thinking powered by automation, the organization's senior business systems analyst, has created an electronic ticket system that enables staff to track questions about the time-and-attendance process. The HR team then creates training to address the questions, resulting in further improvements to efficiency.

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